Oxford's Leading Experts in Tile Cleaning

This job in the suburbs of Oxford was a really enjoyable job for us on a number of fronts: There were a number of different types of floor in the job and there was plenty of floor area to work with. (And it was very local to us which is always a bonus!)


First there was a crema marfil floor in the large open-plan kitchen, utility room and front hall/lobby. Crema marfil is generally referred to as marble and very popular both in domestic and commercial settings. The problems with the floor were that the original factory finish had been badly scratched with numerous micro scratches and the general appearance of the surface was lacklustre and dull.

  • Firstly we deep-cleaned the floor to be able to see the floor fully and therefore ascertain the full extent of any problems
  • Satisfied with our restoration programme we began by diamond grinding the floor with a medium grit resin bond diamond. This removed all scratches and brought the floor to its original fresh unfinished state.
  • We continued with the process, using higher and higher grit diamonds to polish the marble until we were satisfied that it was of a high enough polish to progress onto powder polishing
  • Powder polishing put a fabulously deep lustrous shine on the floor and really brought the floor to life
  • After a quick dry buff and thorough vacuuming the floor was then sealed with a premium quality impregnating sealer which will protect the floor for years to come
  • The lady of the house was delighted with the "new" floor and was eager to receive our tips on how to maintain it for the longest lasting results


Next we set about a very large travertine bathroom. The issues we encountered here are very common to travertine tiles and to travertine bathrooms in particular. There was very obvious staining from false tan in and around the shower and vanity sink areas. Also there was acid etching around the grout lines as a result of efforts to remove dirt and staining in the grout.

  • Firstly, as always, we deep cleaned the entire bathroom using our proprietary heavy soil remover. This revealed that a substantial amount of the staining was removed by proper deep cleaning
  • Then we began the laborious task of diamond polishing the shower walls by hand machine. This removed all remaining staining, dirt, mould and contamination from the surface of the travertine tiles
  • Grout lines were deep cleaned by hand using grout brushes and concentrated alkali cleaners
  • Next we diamond honed the walls before applying a high quality penetrating sealer (Three coats to ensure proper saturation)
  • The wall grout lines were colour sealed to prevent any further staining and also to re-colour the grout to a complementary colour
  • The floor was then diamond grinded and polished using medium grit diamonds and sealed with the same sealer as the shower walls
  • The floor grout was colour sealed to renew it completely and protect it against future staining
  • The whole bathroom was then buffed before opening it to the household for admiration and a healthy dose of surprise at the changes made

We enjoyed this job in that while it had its challenges it was improved vastly from its poor initial condition to a beautiful and long lasting thing of beauty. Our job was only complete when the householder was made fully aware of a simple programme of cleaning and maintenance.