About Anti Slipping

Regardless if you are a large company or a residence, slippery floors are dangerous. They are a constant hazard to anyone walking over the surface and could eventually lead to serious injuries. As a company, the last thing you want are claims on your doorstep. Not only is this costly, but it will turn off potential future customers who may not want to risk entering your premises for fear of injury. As a home owner, the consequences are equally as serious; family, friends and anyone else who enters your home is being put at risk by slippery floors.

We have been trained by the best of the best to solve the problem of slippy floors. You have the power to stop claims before they happen, or remove your loved ones from danger. Give us a call today before someone gets hurt.


When you call us, we will conduct a free site survey and carry out an initial independent pendulum test to BS standards BS7976. Once a time is scheduled, we will clean the floor, strip it from all previous sealers and apply either Dr. Schutz or No Skidding. The product used will depend on the needs of your floor and yourself.

We can also draw up a cleaning regime which maintains the floor to a high standard. At the end of the process we carry out another pendulum test to ensure the treatments were effective.