About Quarry Tiles

Old quarry tiles have usually been subjected to years of heavy foot traffic resulting in ground-in grime and dirt or the floor may have been covered with linoleum when lino was considered a more cost effective option to floor restoration. The quarry tiles may have been covered by bitumen, or they may have cementation stains, glue, in fact a whole host of problems.

Process of Quarry Tiles Restoration

Many customers may think floors in this condition can never be restored to their former beauty, however Renov8 Tile Ltd have dealt with many floor restoration projects of this nature and successfully restored many floors to their original state.

Our methods for restoring your quarry tiled floor will be very similar to the restoration of terracotta tiles. We will strip off the residue on the surface, whether this be old sealant, polish or bitumen etc. Dependent on what type of materials have been used previously we may need to strip the floor with chemicals to remove the residue. The next stage is a thorough scrub down and deep clean, then the tiles are re-sealed with an impregnating sealant specially recommended for Quarry tiles.