About Terracotta

Terracotta is a red clay based material that can look very tired and worn with patches of white (salt) on the surface following years of foot traffic.

Process of Terracotta Floor Restoration

To begin the floor restoration project we firstly need to strip back the old finish of polish and layers of old floor sealant, followed by a thorough deep clean and stain removal to remove all the dirt and residue, which is collected by a machine that scrubs, dries and vacuums the terracotta tiles until they are beautifully clean and back to their natural state.

As these tiles are porous, we then need to allow the floor to dry completely before applying a high quality impregnating sealer, specially developed for terracotta floor tiles, which will enhance the natural colour of the terracotta and protect the tiles by creating a barrier against spillage and dirt. The floor restoration is then complete.