• Ensure your mop is clean and on larger areas change cleaning water and solution often
  • DO NOT MOP ANY SURFACE WITH A DIRTY MOP - This will stain, dull and introduce grit to your surface which scratches and dulls over time
  • Daily mop with a very slightly moist mop and then dry off
  • Weekly mop with neutral cleaner @ solution of two capfuls to five litres clean warm water
  • Avoid aggressive cleaners (acid or alkaline) use only ph neutral cleaners
  • Install mats where possible at entrance doors to remove stones, grit and dirt from shoes
  • Immediately clean up any spillages to avoid staining
  • Where possible avoid wearing stiletto type shoes on weaker marbles (for example some wall grade honed and filled hone and filled travertine incorrectly sold as flooring grade)
  • Agree a maintenance programme with your professional floor restoration company
  • Periodically your floor will need to be resealed and repolished etc. Depending on traffic levels and positioning this can be from six months to five years
  • Periodic waxing and buffing can help maintain the original look and durability of the floor, depending on the original treatment type