About Grout

Grout is a cementatious material used between tiles. It is porous and allows moisture and dirt to penetrate it. Since tiles are used in bathrooms and kitchens, the build-up of dirt and moisture in the porous grout means that in the worst circumstances it can turn black as well as harbour odours related to these areas.

Grout renewal offers an incredible alternative!

The Process of Grout Renewal

Grout renewal is a grout sealer - once applied it does not allow the penetration of any moisture, meaning an end to unsightly discolouration, dirt and odours. The grout sealer comes in twelve standard colours and when applied looks and feels like grout. This means that grout can be restored to "better than new" and is far easier to maintain than grout alone.

Grout, even when cleaned, can appear uneven in appearance. Grout renewal evens up the colour and creates clean and sanitary grout lines impervious to moisture.